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Excel Level 2 2 Days | 14 hours | $549 PLUS TAX

With this intermediate Excel course you’ll really ramp up your productivity. Using robust formulas and surprisingly simple techniques, you will be slicing and dicing to discover the power of data analysis. You’ll create Pivot Tables, build fully functional financial dashboards, and complete relevant exercises. At this level, Excel is an eye-opener. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Excel 1 

You will become comfortable with:

    » Auto-filling cells; Custom lists; Flash Fill
    » Date and Time arithmetic
    » Named Ranges
    » Data Validations
    » Conditional functions incl. SUMIFS
    » Lookups incl. VLOOKUP
    » Introduction to INDIRECT
    » Conditional formatting
    » Worksheet/book protection
    » Excel tables/Structured References
    » Advanced Filters
    » Pivot Tables; Slicers; Dashboards
    » Quick Analysis
    » Mail Merge with Word
    » and much more

You will benefit most from this course if you:

    » Need to organize/manage/analyze lists of data or items
    » Are comfortable using Excel ribbons and formatting cells
    » Have written basic Excel formulas
    » Know about the $ (dollar sign) in formulas for absolute referencing
    » Know basic data filtering+sorting
  • Online:
  • Dec 22-23
  • Jan 20-21
  • Feb 16-17
  • Mar 16-17
  • Apr 06-07
  • May 25-26