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Contact Us

    About us

    Who we are

    We are designers and project managers and software experts. Mostly, we are people people with a passion for teaching and learning.

    What we do

    We develop and deliver training courses and services. Our teachers are outstanding. They make a genuine difference in how well and how quickly students learn. We probably tweak and update our courses more than any other training firm. When class is over, we continue to help our clients with free and unlimited support via zoom, phone or email.

    Our goal

    We want to be the best in the world at helping people learn. That includes awesome customer service and adding value in every situation.

    Our clients

    We work with people from major corporations and small bedroom studios. We work with government agencies, charities, hospitals, and police. Our clients are stars and we are honoured they chose us as their training partner.

    For more information or to learn about our courses, please contact us via email or call 1-888-922-1132

    Our locations

    Training Vancouver

    5604 Westport Place
    West Vancouver BC

    Training Toronto

    180 Dundas St West
    Toronto, ON

    Training Montréal

    600 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O,
    Montréal, QC

    Training Ottawa

    275 Slater St
    Ottawa, ON

    Training Calgary

    144 - 4 Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB