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Excel Level 1 1 Day | 7 hours | $349 PLUS TAX

This one-day course teaches you the basics of work books and work sheets. You will learn how to enter and format data, text, and formulas; how to use pre-defined functions for basic calculations; and how to avoid errors. You will also learn how to organize and manage lists and tables (including sorting, filtering, and analyzing). Prerequisite: Familiarity with computers 

You will become comfortable with:

    » Workbook/worksheet operations and management
    » Formatting cells/ranges; Format painter
    » Basic formulas
    » Replicating cells and formulas
    » Freezing rows and columns
    » Working with contiguous and non-contiguous ranges
    » Relative vs. Absolute referencing in formulas
    » Rounding
    » Saving time and energy when entering formulas
    » Basic tables – sorting/filtering/querying
    » Introduction to charts, including maps
    » Basic keyboard shortcuts
    » and much more

You will benefit most from this course if you:

    » Can articulate why you think you need or want to use Excel
    » Have little or no prior experience with Excel
    » Have basic comfort with using computers and the keyboard
    » Understand the copy+paste concept
  • Online:
  • Jan 06
  • Jan 28
  • Feb 10
  • Mar 04
  • Mar 25
  • Apr 21
  • May 16