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    Video Editor

    A video editor uses footage, sound and graphics to tell a story. Your job may include creating storyboards; developing scripts; editing videos and photos; and creating graphics, special effects, and sound effects. Becoming a video editor is a great career choice. Daily, video grows more important in every part of business and marketing.
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    Recommended course order
    1. Premiere Pro
    2. After Effects

    Business Writing « click for details
    2 Days | 14 hours | $825 PLUS TAX

    Prerequisite: None.

    The ability to write well has always been a necessary skill for professionals. But now with everyone facing compressed timelines and information overload it is more important than ever. In this workshop, students learn how to make all their professional communications more concise, polished and precise. 


    • Online:
    • Jul 08-09
    • Aug 14-15
    • Sep 03-04
    • Nov 11-12
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    Adobe Premiere Pro – Essentials « click for details
    3 Days | 21 hours | $1190 PLUS TAX

    Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

    In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about cutting with Premiere Pro, interacting dynamically with other Adobe applications, and outputting to multiple formats. We’ll practice core editing skills, workflows, and technologies professional editors use every day to produce media for broadcast television, DVD, and the web. 


    • Online:
    • Jul 03-05
    • Aug 14-16
    • Sep 18-20
    • Oct02-04
    • Nov 06-08
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    Adobe After Effects « click for details
    3 Days | 21 hours | $1190 PLUS TAX

    Prerequisite: Photoshop.

    This three-day course is for anyone who wants to create compelling motion graphics and awesome visual effects. Industry experts demonstrate professional workflows and provide hands on instruction with practical exercises designed to educate and inspire you. 


    • Online:
    • Jul 17-19
    • Aug 26-28
    • Sep 23-25
    • Oct 21-23
    • Nov 20-22
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